Cyber Safety - Protecting Your Children From Internet Predators
October 02, 2019

Here are documents that were handed out or mentioned at Rich's presentations. 









The Stateline Area Crime Stoppers will team up with VOICES of Stephenson County, to bring Detective Rich Wistocki back to Freeport. He is an expert on internet crimes and spent over 20 years dedicated to protect chidren from internet crimes.

On October 2nd he will talk with children from Carl Sandburg School. That evening the public is invited to Aquin High School as Detective Wistocki delivers a message to parents about how to monitor their children's internet activities. 

Every parent should see this presentation. These situations don't always happen elsewhere as children are targeted online right here in Stephenson County. 

This will be the 10th and 11th presentation Rich has delivered to Stephenson County. A case was opened locally in each or our previous presentations. It does happen right here.